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T-34 Mentor (and other) Parts For Sale

Gently Used Alternators

24V, 50Amp, for Continental engines.

1 ea.  Hartzell Engine Technologies. Model ALT 9522R.

1 ea. Skytronics  Jasco  Model ALT 7565-T.   New Hartzell cost $ 619, New Skytronics cost $1150.

Both worked when removed from engines.  No reasonable offer refused.

Contact Leo Kerwin, 321-783-4809.



T-34 Engine and Canopies

I belong to a group at Milwaukee Timmerman airport (MWC) called Youth & Aviation (Y&A). It is a 501-3c that was/is part of the Milwaukee (CAP) Composite Squadron at MWC. Until about 10 years ago, Y&A was the proud operator of T-34 Mentor G-155, N2969C, which is now owned by Planes of History, Inc, in Denton TX.

As a result we have a T-34 engine and canopies for sale.

Continental O-470-13A, serial# T-105703. It has 1228.2 hours on it since overhaul.
Canopies, front and rear, glass in frames.

Jim Szajkovics
CAP & Youth & Aviation pilot in the Milwaukee Timmerman area


T-34B, T-2, and T-28 Parts

T-34B Left Wings - Navy Surplus

     1 each good condition, no damage, $7000

     1 each good condition, some leading edge damage, spar okay, $5,000

     1 each good condition, some leading edge damage, spar okay, $5,000

Wing tips, good condition, quantity 5, $200 each

Prop spinners, good condition, quantity 5, $200 each


T-2 Parts-make offer

     4 each LH flaps, P/N 1560-00-959-5618BT

     1 each gear door, P/N 1560-00-906-8502BT

     4 each dive brakes


T-28B or C Parts-make offer

     2 each ailerons

     1 each top left engine cowl


Photos of wings available.


Ken Hawkins, 828-231-7758, khawkins.41@hotmail.com



Miscellaneous Parts
These (click here for photos) are parts that Dr. Joe Howell accumulated over the years. He has since sold his T-34 and has no use of these parts. Essentially, these are “make offer” item plus freight. Interested parties may contact me.

Will Peacock, 398 Indian Hills Trail, Marietta, GA 30068, (404) 862-3434, willpeacock@comcast.net


T-34B Project, T-34A Fuselage, Wings, etc.
T-34B BG-53 purchased from DRMO in 1992. Its apart and has had sheet metal repairs finished. Registered as N134BL, Excellent project. $40,000.


An extra A model fuselage, extra wings, and other extra parts including a few L-19 items, a damage SF-260 wing with landing gear, and some Bonanza parts. Would love to make a package deal with the B model project.

If that's not enough, we also have a CAP-10B sitting in the hanger that needs to go as well.
Wing all rebuilt and ready for you.

Byron 1/6 Scale T-34 A/B Model unbuilt, new in the box. These were hard to find 20 years ago when I bought this one. (Make a replica of your aircraft that your buddy won't have.) Byron 1/6 Scale Bonanza V35 with interior kit. New in the box, unbuilt. $1,000 for the pair.

Bruce Lamont, (541) 465-8174 or (541) 942-1173, warbirdSq13@juno.com
George Lamont, (541) 954-2600 or (541) 342-4178

Aviadesign Spar Strap Kit
Serial No. 34. Unopened still in crate with all documentation to comply with AD2001-13-84 and AD2004-25-51.
Priced at $11,000.00.

Joe Bellino, (860) 408-0040, jbellino@snet.net


Windscreen, Canopy, Fuel Qty Transmitter
Forward windshield, 45-410361-101, as removed
Forward canopy assembly, 45-410302-49, unused new surplus, manufactured 9/82
LH Fuel quantity transmitter, 45-921516-1, unused new surplus

Bill Gerrard, plgreen@bellsouth.net, Gerrard Aircraft Parts, PO Box 523044, Miami, FL 33152

T-34A and T-34B Parts
One (1) set of T-34A air scoop and vent engine port covers. Red in color with red remove for flight streamers. These are USAF issue Beechcraft parts from the 1950s in new condition. Price: $400.00 plus shipping.

Complete set of T-34B flight manuals, original in the blue plastic binder, dated 01MAY67, change notice T-34B change 1 dated 01DEC78 wrapped in plastic, never opened. Original Pilot Pocket Checklist, T-34B Aircraft, dated 15NOV73. All original not reprints. Price: $150.00 plus shipping.

Cliff Yarbrough 501-776-5770, cliffordyarbrough@sbcglobal.net



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