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T-34 Mentor (and other) Parts For Sale

Wing and Things

Mudry Cap-10B wing rebuilt, $35,000.

L-19D Engine, NOS motor mount and NOS throttle quadrant, $2,500

T-34B Seats, $800 each (3 available)
T-34A Seat, $3,500
New battery tray, $175
Military overhaul rear throttle quadrant $750.

Bruce Lamont, (541) 465-8174 days, (541) 942-1173 evenings



Gently Used Alternators

24V, 50Amp, for Continental engines.

1 ea.  Hartzell Engine Technologies. Model ALT 9522R.

1 ea. Skytronics  Jasco  Model ALT 7565-T.   New Hartzell cost $ 619, New Skytronics cost $1150.

Both worked when removed from engines.  No reasonable offer refused.

Contact Leo Kerwin, 321-783-4809.



T-34 Engine and Canopies

I belong to a group at Milwaukee Timmerman airport (MWC) called Youth & Aviation (Y&A). It is a 501-3c that was/is part of the Milwaukee (CAP) Composite Squadron at MWC. Until about 10 years ago, Y&A was the proud operator of T-34 Mentor G-155, N2969C, which is now owned by Planes of History, Inc, in Denton TX.

As a result we have a T-34 engine and canopies for sale.

Continental O-470-13A, serial# T-105703. It has 1228.2 hours on it since overhaul.
Canopies, front and rear, glass in frames.

Jim Szajkovics

CAP & Youth & Aviation pilot in the Milwaukee Timmerman area


Parts: T-34B, T-2, and T-28

T-34B Left Wings - Navy Surplus

     1 each good condition, no damage, $7000

     1 each good condition, some leading edge damage, spar okay, $5,000

     1 each good condition, some leading edge damage, spar okay, $5,000

Wing tips, good condition, quantity 5, $200 each

Prop spinners, good condition, quantity 5, $200 each


T-2 Parts-make offer

     4 each LH flaps, P/N 1560-00-959-5618BT

     1 each gear door, P/N 1560-00-906-8502BT

     4 each dive brakes


T-28B or C Parts-make offer

     2 each ailerons

     1 each top left engine cowl


Photos of wings available.


Ken Hawkins, 828-231-7758, khawkins.41@hotmail.com



Aviadesign Spar Strap Kit
Serial No. 34. Unopened still in crate with all documentation to comply with AD2001-13-84 and AD2004-25-51.
Priced at $11,000.00.

Joe Bellino, (860) 408-0040, jbellino@snet.net

Windscreen, Canopy, Fuel Qty Transmitter
Forward windshield, 45-410361-101, as removed
Forward canopy assembly, 45-410302-49, unused new surplus, manufactured 9/82
LH Fuel quantity transmitter, 45-921516-1, unused new surplus

Bill Gerrard, plgreen@bellsouth.net, Gerrard Aircraft Parts, PO Box 523044, Miami, FL 33152

T-34A and T-34B Parts
One (1) set of T-34A air scoop and vent engine port covers. Red in color with red remove for flight streamers. These are USAF issue Beechcraft parts from the 1950s in new condition. Price: $400.00 plus shipping.

Complete set of T-34B flight manuals, original in the blue plastic binder, dated 01MAY67, change notice T-34B change 1 dated 01DEC78 wrapped in plastic, never opened. Original Pilot Pocket Checklist, T-34B Aircraft, dated 15NOV73. All original not reprints. Price: $150.00 plus shipping.

Cliff Yarbrough 501-776-5770, cliffordyarbrough@sbcglobal.net


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