Thursday , 18 January 2018
Formation Training, Forms and Documents (FAST)

Formation Training, Forms and Documents (FAST)

Welcome to the T-34 Association FAST Forms and documents page.

The T-34 Association is a signatory of the Formation and Safety Team (FAST) program.  If you are interested in learning the art of safe formation flying the links on this page should be very helpful. The T-34 Association will only issue FAST Cards to qualified pilots flying low-wing, tandem seat, bubble canopied, propeller driven airplanes.

For basic and advanced treatments of formation flying discipline, we recommend starting with the T-34 Formation Flight Manual (purchased from our online store), FAST Foundation and Principles document, the FAST Manuevers Guide, and the FAST Radio Communciations and Visual Signals Guide.

Another great resource is the Formation Pilot's Knowledge Guide (FKG).

FAST has linked an excellent video ground school, produced by the Red Star Pilot's Association, titled Wing Pilot Ground School covering the basics of flying formation. The North American Trainer Association (NATA) also has  excellent video "teaching" Formation Ground School. We highly recommend viewing both of these videos prior to your first Formation Training sortie. Simply disregard the T-6/tail dragger specific references and the rest is applicable.

Once you have access to an airplane, it is highly recommended that you get started by attending one of the many Formation Clinics held around the country by various signatory organizations.  These events bring together experienced instructors and students in an environment focused on safe and effective training.  The most effective way to learn is to get paired up with an experienced FAST qualified pilot who can mentor you through the process.

You can expect to spend between 10 to 20 flying hours before becoming proficient enough to earn your Wingman card.  

For those of you that are already qualified formation pilots, links to the current forms required for maintaining your qualifications can be found here.

If you plan to fly formation in Waivered Airspace (at an Airshow), click on the link below for a copy of the FAA Letter to continue operations as we have in the past. I will continue to update this link as more info flows from FAST and the FAA.     ICAS -FAST-FFI Deviation Memo signed 04212015  

The FAST Airshow Operations Guide can be found here. If you hold a FAST Card, you will be expected to know this information if you fly in Waivered Airspace (for airshows).