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T-34 Formation Manual 4th Edition




The standard for civilian formation flying

Note: We do not have an automated system for delivering any of our products — not even the PDF documents. And our volunteer merchandise manager works for the airlines and is not home every night to take care T-34 Store business. Please give us up to two days to get your PDF copy to you.

Due to ongoing demand for this manual we are — at last — having reprints made vs. only selling a “PDF” version (viewable on computer or tablet).

So…note the four purchase options: two for Non-T-34-Association members and two for Association members.

“Print+PDF” means you will receive a copy of the manual in the mail and we will send you a “link” to download the “PDF” file which you can view on your computer or tablet device.

“PDF Only” means you only get the electronic version of the manual. We will send you a link to download the file.

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Formation Printed & PDF – Non-MBR, Formation PDF Only – Non-MBR, Formation Printed & PDF – MBR, Formation PDF Only – MBR

T-34 Mentor In Action



Aircraft No. 107 in the line of “In Action” books by Squadron/Signal Publications. One of 31 “In Action” books by Lou Drendel (member #95). The book is out of print but we have a few copies signed by Lou.

Formation Flying, The Art – DVD and Manual


DVD + Manual


An exceptionally well done two part series by Darton International. It includes mostly air-air descriptions of all aspects of formation flight from both the pilot/wingman’s point of view and also that of an observer aircraft. Echelon, Fingertip, and Trail formation are covered with instruction and demonstration of station keeping, inside & outside turns, join-ups & break-ups, and takeoffs & landings. Hand signal communication and safety concerns are also covered in depth. This purchase also includes a printed copy of the T-34 Formation Manual 4th edition. (See above)

T-34A Flight Manual


This is an authentic reproduction of the original USAF T-34A Flight Manual. Complete with binder. It’s an incredible gift for any T-34 pilot or owner.


Currently "OUT OF PRINT"