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Fuel Pump

This is from Paul Pribble off of the T-34 chat

Standard operational aircraft, all models of T-34 aircraft as certificated (5a3) utilize several fuel boost pumps all of which are designed and mandated to be adjusted to 11-12 psi.,

All models of T-34 aircraft with optional engines installed IO-470N/520/550 with the TCM continuous flow fuel injection systems have minimum unmetered fuel pump pressures as follows.

600 RPM, Idle, unmetered fuel pump pressure 9.0-11.00 PSI.

2700 RPM. full power, unmetered fuel pump pressure 28.0-31.0 PSI.

A simple observation of these unmetered fuel pump pressure requirements supplied by TCM for the optional IO-470/520/550 engines, speak volumes. the original design low pressure fuel boost pumps, (Adel, Pesco, Etc.) were designed to support fuel pressures and fuel flows based on using a low fuel pressure, pressure injection carburetor.. The end result is that the original fuel boost pumps installed in all models of piston powered T-34 aircraft, WILL NOT AND DOES NOT provide adequate fuel flow and or fuel pressure to support the optional engines used in T-34 aircraft, at or slightly above 600 RPM.

Since this is an emergency event caused either by low fuel pressures and or catastrophic failure of the engine driven fuel pump, be aware of the fact that T-34Aircraft equipped with the TCM optional engines IO-470N/520/550, AND ANY AIRCRAFT USING THIS SAME TCM CONTINUOUS FLOW FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM, which absolutely require fuel boost pump system pressures and fuel flows to support these engines.

Simply check your aircraft for adequate fuel pressure no matter what engine you are using. Better safe than sorry or I did not know.

Addendum to the dissertation on Fuel Boost Pump systems.T-34 aircraft.

The TCM documents regarding Fuel pressure requirements, for some reason the IO-550B has an unmetered fuel pump pressure of 8-10 PSI, at idle, However the unmetered fuel pump pressure at 2700 RPM is 29.2-36.PSI unmetered fuel pump pressure
where the IO 550 G has the same idle pressure but a lower 2700 RPM unmetered pump pressure of 26.00 PSI. in any case far outside the full power fuel pressure and fuel flow requirements of the original low pressure fuel pumps used in the T-34 aircraft. 

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